Social Studies Teacher Brings Students Together with Song

Social Studies Teacher Brings Students Together with Song

Social Studies Department Chair Jake Benke from Walther Christian Academy picks up the guitar every week to share devotion and prayer with students. He readily admits he misses seeing students and faculty fellows at school every day. To keep everyone uplifted during this challenging time, Jake has been broadcasting live online chapel services complete with the students’ favorite songs from worship each week. He prepares a message, takes requests from the community and has made 12:30-1:10 every Wednesday a time to be spiritually uplifted. He recently even invited Principal Tim Bouman to be part of the service! He is adding Campfire on Friday mornings where the school praises and worships through song. Praise music lives on at Walther thanks to Jake Benke!

Students are not the only ones receiving a spiritual lift from these weekly chapel sessions, staffers and alumni also enjoy this weekly online chapel service.

“It has been so good to have this kind of spiritual leadership among all of this separation,” says Walther’s STEM Teacher Vanessa Ueltzen. It is a great way to still get together and worship! Jake has done a great job!”

To learn more about this private Christian middle and high school that boasts a full range of academic and extracurricular programs, championship athletics, and a fine arts and music program, check out Walther Christian Academy.


A Letter From Dawn Robinson


CLEF’s mission is to provide academic excellence to our students in a Christian environment. Today that can mean at-risk remote learning, in place of classroom instruction and safety. How can we help provide our students and their families with a Christian perspective in the face of despair, anger, racism, and destruction?