How Your Donations Impacted Students of Chicago

How Your Donations Impacted Students of Chicago

The 2020-2021 school year was the most difficult one our students have ever encountered. A strange, novel virus took over, caused adults to argue, made everyone wear a mask, prevented us from seeing friends and extended family, and changed pretty much everything on a dime.

Though much changed, a few things stayed consistent: our faith in God, our love of family, and our need for necessities, including school.

As Dawn Robinson, Federal Funds Coordinator for CLEF said, “CLEF never stop providing,” and that is due to the strength of our donors! Our teachers, principals, and other administrators adapted nearly overnight and continued at all turns by maintaining focus on the students. Our donors provided the necessary dollars to fund those needed changes: new video cameras for the classrooms, new Chromebooks and personal devices for the students, new adaptive curriculum, and lots more IT support for the new technology.

All CLEF schools did a wonderful job during the challenging school year. They implemented new safety policies and procedures and provided a haven of normalcy when nothing else was. Amazingly, ten of our twenty-two schools even increased enrollment. 110 more students were being taught in our schools by the end of the school year.