Professional Development & Support

Offering Professional Development for Teachers and School Leadership

CLEF is committed to providing teachers and leaders in CLEF schools access to resources, support and best practices to be their best. This, in turn, supports students to do their best. Throughout CLEF’s history, we have provided professional development for educators, often in partnership with local universities and museums. High-quality leaders and teachers are critical to the educational experience. We believe the right people in the right places, performing up to their potential, have the power to boost student achievement and foster lifelong learning.


Annual Networking Conference

Each year CLEF hosts a Networking Conference for teachers and leaders in the CLEF community. This conference provides teachers and school leaders the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices with their peers, learn about new approaches and technologies, and get excited about the year to come.


Leadership Training

Strong leaders create stronger schools. Through its Principal 360 Chicago Edition for principals and professional development opportunities for teachers, CLEF provides training to empower leaders at all levels.


Teacher Salary Support

Teachers play a profound role in shaping the hearts and minds of students in their classrooms. CLEF believes it is important to acknowledge the value of our teachers’ work. We are grateful to be able to provide financial incentives for excellence. On a case by case basis, we also provide funding for other critical positions within the schools. In 2018-2019, CLEF provided $500,000 to fund school staff positions and support teacher salaries, ensuring our educators can focus on supporting students with less financial stress.

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