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Supporting Innovative Curriculum Design & Implementation

CLEF supports school staff and teachers at all grade levels in developing curriculum and delivering it in the most impactful ways.

Through a partnership with Concordia University Chicago, CLEF schools are developing Collaboratively Articulated Plan of Study (CAPS) for literacy, an innovative approach to curriculum design that incorporates faith-based practices. The goal of CAPS is to equip teachers to provide their students with academically challenging, individualized, caring, and faith-based learning experiences.

Educators in CLEF schools also receive weekly coaching sessions with instructional coaches from Concordia to support their implementation in the classroom and provide feedback and guidance on using instructional best practices. Teachers engage in continual reflection of their practice and stay up to date on academic research and teaching methods. As a result, students in the CLEF network find new avenues for learning through Project-Based Learning, STEM education, and the latest technology tools.


Powering Technology in the Classroom

From hardware and software to infrastructure and implementation, CLEF provides funding for technology for all schools in the CLEF community. We ensure schools have access to the latest tools, including Chromebooks, iPads, SMARTboards, and Office 365. CLEF provides funding for schools to utilize eSpark, an innovative supplementary iPad application that offers extra support and differentiation in reading and math.

We also invest in the infrastructure to ensure tech runs smoothly, providing more secure and consistent internet access to schools. Our partnership with local tech firm Aqueity assures that technology operates effectively. Engineers are quick to respond to our schools when any technical difficulties arise.

Just as important as the technology itself are the resources that ensure educators are using current best practices. CLEF employs a Google Certified Technology Trainer and Innovator, who provides regular “edtech” training to teachers and students and is available for onsite support visits. During a recent parent night, CLEF parents received a tutorial in using Chromebooks and Google Apps.

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