Student Experience: Beyond Academics

Learning for Life

Whether they join us in preschool or high school, students entering a Lutheran school can tell they’ve arrived somewhere special. The goal is to instill in each child a love for learning.

CLEF-supported schools educate the whole child and develop lifelong learners. The emphasis on a well-rounded experience prepares students to be confident, compassionate, service-minded young adults, poised for success in high school and beyond. Our schools provide rigorous academics in a nurturing, values-based environment. The student experience is infused with warmth, meaning, and an understanding that we are part of a larger community.


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Beyond Academics: Music & Arts

Music and art are part of the enriching educational experience CLEF schools provide for students of all ages. Many schools in the CLEF school community have arts and music curriculums and offer extracurricular opportunities such as the Gospel Choir at St. Paul Austin and the violin program at Grace Christian Academy. Students perform for family, friends, and the community throughout the year. Each school has its own unique offering. Learn more about the arts and music opportunities at a school near you.

Beyond the Classroom: Service Learning

Service learning is an integral part of the Lutheran student experience. Students learn humility, gratitude, and the value of helping others through community-based service projects ranging from volunteering in a home for the elderly to collecting warm blankets for a local nonprofit.

Beyond Today: Young Innovators Summer Camp

This summer CLEF partnered with the Young Innovators Summer to host a week-long camp session for students ages 10-14. The tech-focused camp guided students through a series of design thinking activities and culminated in students building a prototype of an app. CLEF was honored to be the Chicagoland host for this camp.