Impact & Reach

CLEF is Funding the Future of Lutheran Education in Chicago

CLEF supports 1,800+ students in 22 schools across Chicagoland. Students in CLEF schools come from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels. In many neighborhoods, our schools provide a much needed, valued alternative to public schools. The vital funds and services provided by CLEF ensure quality Christian education remains a viable option for Chicago families.


Where We Fund

To learn more about the schools CLEF supports, check out the map on our find a school page.


What We Fund



During the 2019-2020 school year, CLEF provided more than $890,000 in scholarship funds, helping more than one thousand students attend a Lutheran school on either a full or partial scholarship.

School Nurse and Health Promotion >

CLEF sponsors a school nurse to travel among the schools, providing essential care and medical support to keep students healthy.

Special Education and Title I Funding >

CLEF schools provide educational opportunities for students who need extra help academically, emotionally, or behaviorally.



Consultative Support >

CLEF provides financial, coaching, and consultative support to educators and school leaders. We are actively engaged in exploring innovative models to advance Lutheran education.

Marketing >

CLEF is increasing the visibility of our Christian foundation and helping schools spread their message throughout Chicagoland.

Leadership and Professional Development >

CLEF’s Pathways to Excellence and CAPS programs provide ongoing professional development for teachers and administrators.



Maintenance and Infrastructure Support >

CLEF supports school building maintenance, upgrades, and security measures to ensure students are learning in an effective and encouraging physical space.

Curriculum and Classroom Supports >

CLEF is committed to ensuring every school provides students with classroom materials that support their individual learning needs.

Technology >

CLEF provides funds for laptops, tablets, and SMART boards and trains teachers to integrate new technology into the curriculum.

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