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There’s a lot at stake in high school. A young person’s world is suddenly much more complex, both socially and academically. Students often feel a great deal of pressure to succeed as they move toward higher education or a career. The support of a strong faith-based community helps our students avoid pitfalls, achieve their goals, and find their highest calling.

Walther Christian Academy

Walther Christian Academy is the Lutheran high school in the CLEF community, serving Maywood, Melrose Park, Chicago, Bellwood, Berkeley, Broadview, Oak Park, and River Forest neighborhoods.

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Walther Christian Academy

Melrose Park


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A Letter From Dawn Robinson


CLEF’s mission is to provide academic excellence to our students in a Christian environment. Today that can mean at-risk remote learning, in place of classroom instruction and safety. How can we help provide our students and their families with a Christian perspective in the face of despair, anger, racism, and destruction?