Thank You Teachers!

Thank You Teachers!

This year has been filled with challenges: how to teach virtually, how to teach hybrid, how to keep your students safe, how to keep yourself safe, what’s being lost when you have to wear a mask while teaching, and so much more.

We are constantly astounded by our teachers: their hard work, perseverance, dedication, drive, and capacity for love. We are extremely proud of them, all our schools, and the wonderful work of every team member! It always takes a village and the coordination and extra effort by everyone was very important this school year!

Our Teacher Recognition Event on May 25th shone the spotlight on our teachers. We were unable to hold a school-wide in-person event, but a nine schools held “Watch Parties” to build camaraderie amongst themselves. (Thank you to Classic Cuisine Catering for providing a delicious meal for our Watch Parties!) During our Teacher Recognition Event, two types of awards are given: Above & Beyond Awards and Dream Awards.

Above & Beyond Awards are given to teachers who went WAY Above and Beyond this year! (All our teachers give 100%, so these are given to only those who are nominated several times by fellow educators. Even the other teachers are highly impressed by them!) Our Above & Beyond Winners are:

  • Ali Pepper, Holy Family School
  • Shermaine Herndon, St. Paul Lutheran School on Dorchester
  • Kevin Roper, Holy Family School
  • JoAn Markworth, Good Shepherd Christian Academy
  • Sheri Meyer, St. James Lutheran School
  • Catie Urban, Walther Christian Academy

Dream Awards¬†are items (valued up to $2000) for enrichment or enhancement of a teacher’s classroom. They usually fit within the 10 categories and can include new band instruments, an updated water fountain, new library books, playground equipment, heart rate monitors, podcast equipment, etc. Beyond giving over $500,000 in salary support every year, CLEF and its donors fulfilled 35 Dreams! The Dream Recipients are:

   Curriculum Materials

  • Victoria Joseph, St. Philip Lutheran School
  • Kamilah Connor, Holy Family School
  • Kelley Schau, St. Philip Lutheran School¬†
  • Rachel Van Arsdale, St. Paul ECC on Canfield
  • Jaz‚Äômun Brooks, Grace Christian Academy
  • Angela Cardo, Pilgrim Lutheran School
  • JoAn Markworth, Good Shepherd Christian Academy¬†

   Curriculum Experience

  • JohnMichael Jurica, Grace English Lutheran School
  • Renque Portillo & Michelle Bahena, Lutheran Day Nursery


  • Steven Beck, Saint Luke Academy
  • Brittani Mosinski & Lynda Runge, St. James Lutheran School
  • Shermaine Herndon, Robyn DuBose, Angela Moore, St. Paul Lutheran School on Dorchester
  • Rachael Franklin & Bonnie Mayrens, St. John‚Äôs Lutheran School
  • JoEllen Hoffmann, Good Shepherd Christian Academy

   Music & the Arts

  • Denise Garrett, St. Paul Lutheran School on Menard
  • Illa Doss, Lutheran Day Nursery


  • Geraldine Brazeal, Christ the King Lutheran School
  • Joseph Hansa, Grace Christian Academy
  • Diana Maanum, St. Philip Lutheran School
  • Samantha Wenzel, Our Saviour Lutheran School


  • Jill Certosimo, Concordia on Seeley


  • Luke Kapolnek, St. Philip Lutheran School
  • Maria Brown, Walther Christian Academy
  • TaAqua Lloyd, John Brazeal, Jeanne Vaughn & Geri Brazeal, Christ the King Lutheran School

   Physical Ed/Sports

  • John Franklin, Walther Christian Academy

   Outdoor Play

  • Donna Tennis, St. Philip Lutheran School
  • Amy Struve, St. Paul ECC on Canfield
  • Aaron Landgrave, Bethesda International Academy


  • Karina Gaytan, Grace Christian Academy
  • Paige Waterous & Amber Roberts, Concordia on Whipple
  • Azareel Lopez, Concordia on Ravenswood
  • Deana Spencer, Holy Family School
  • Adejoke Agunbekun, Holy Family School¬†
  • Laura Gonzalez, Lutheran Day Nursery
  • Marni Johnson, Concordia on Milwaukee

Congratulations to all our winners and THANK YOU to all the educators! This year was a rough one, but we did it! Enjoy the summer and see you in the fall!