Children Can Be Active Leaders in their Learning

Children Can Be Active Leaders in their Learning

Can’t get kids to sit still? Kids are not wired to sit still. While this may not this be a revelation to most parents, they might be surprised to discover the same is true when students learn. This is why St. Paul Early Childhood Center provides its students hands-on active and engaging project-based learning. “We know students learn best when actively engaged in their learning,” says St. Paul’s Director Jenna Scifo.  Watch how making a simple yogurt parfait with her young daughter Juliet is a great opportunity to help children lead in their learning.

Fun videos like this example help keep the school community connected to its school families. While we all hope schools can reopen soon, the dedicated teachers at St. Paul are making sure they are staying connected with all their students. They even recently traveled to students’ homes to deliver Easter baskets (no contact, porch drop-off) to ensure students continue to remotely learn but more importantly know that their teachers continue to care about them from a distance.

Learn more about the fun students have with project-based learning at St. Paul Early Childhood Center.


A Letter From Dawn Robinson


CLEF’s mission is to provide academic excellence to our students in a Christian environment. Today that can mean at-risk remote learning, in place of classroom instruction and safety. How can we help provide our students and their families with a Christian perspective in the face of despair, anger, racism, and destruction?