Students Visit the San Diego Zoo

Students Visit the San Diego Zoo

St. Paul Early Childhood Center students recently took a wild ride on Zoom. They visited and learned about animals at the San Diego Zoo. Virtual learning makes trips to the zoo possible thanks to technology and the creativity of teachers. The previous week students participated in an animal show and tell. They were able to remotely show off their own pet, a stuffed animal or toy animals.

“Our students participated in a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo!” says St. Paul’s Director Jenna Scifo “Although we wish we were able to visit the zoo in person, it was a new and fun experience. We loved learning about different types of mammals!”

Finding innovative ways to stay connected to students and parents is continuing the strong bond of school communities through these challenge times. In the school’s recent e-newsletter Wildcat Weekly, Jenna shared with parents advice for online learning and how important this connection is between students and teachers:

“We thank you for your continued support and commitment to SPECC! I am very thankful for each and every one of your families! It truly is a joy working with your children, even if it is just online for now. The teachers and staff look forward to the day we can return to school and reunite with our students!”

Teachers Learning Online, Too!
St. Paul along with the Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation’s 21 partner schools, have been teaching during the day and also learning remotely at CLEF’s  Remote Innovative Teacher Institute. Keeping parents informed about this additional online instruction shows how schools’ teachers and CLEF are committed to providing students with innovative academics.

“It has been a full week of online lessons and learning for many of us, including the teachers!” Jenna says. “This week, the teachers and I have been blessed to participate in online professional development provided by the Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation. We are so thankful for the great amount of support CLEF has provided through this pandemic!”

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A Letter From Dawn Robinson


CLEF’s mission is to provide academic excellence to our students in a Christian environment. Today that can mean at-risk remote learning, in place of classroom instruction and safety. How can we help provide our students and their families with a Christian perspective in the face of despair, anger, racism, and destruction?