Gratitude for Teachers Abounds at St. Philip

Gratitude for Teachers Abounds at St. Philip

If there is one thing that remote learning has taught us, it is this­­―students miss their teachers and teachers miss their students. While in-person learning has been halted during these challenging times, the connection between students and teachers makes all the difference. Thankfully, St. Philip Lutheran School is a place where those student-teacher connections are made with ease thanks to a team of dedicated teachers and staff.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, St. Philip shared why their teachers make a difference every day for their students. Here are a few reflections from parents and students on what makes their teachers so special:

Mr. Wickboldt teaches 6-8 grades each afternoon…but that is just the beginning. Mr. Wickboldt also is the school’s athletic director, resident guitar player, and cross country/track and field coach. One of students’ favorite things about Mr. Wickboldt is his personal stories he shares, as well as, his deep faith that is evident in his words and actions.

Mr. Wickboldt is an amazing teacher. I feel blessed that our daughters learned so much from you. You really were a large part of preparing our daughter for high school and she is doing exceptionally well. Our daughter is starting to like math and I know that is from your teaching. I also was very happy with your PE instruction; they need to be challenged physically as well as mentally. I love that you are including PE lessons even though we are no longer in the classroom. Thank you for everything!”– a St Philip parent

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding with our son. You have been such a positive influence on him these last couple of years. Thank you for your encouraging words and for letting him know he can do anything. You sir are another great blessing in his life and I am thankful for everything.” – a St. Philip parent

Mr. McLane teaches 6-8th grade Language Arts, and History. He challenges students, inspires them, and loves to share his stories with them.

“Our daughter truly enjoyed having you as a teacher. Thank you for your understanding/caring attitude with the children.” – a St. Philip parent  

Talented, caring, Christ-centered are all words to describe Mrs. Schau. As a teacher, she finds connections with all her students and there is no mistaking their love for her. Mrs. Schau has many roles outside of her classroom. She’s the musical director, choir director, organist, pianist, and handbell director. Let’s not forget to also mention her role as a basketball coach. You’re a treasure, Mrs. Schau!

“Thank you Mrs. Schau for being a great teacher!”– a St. Philip parent
“I love music and dance time with Mrs. Schau.” – a St. Philip student

First and second grade teacher and Principal Mrs. Tennis is a St. Philip favorite! Her faithful heart is the compass that guides St. Philip, while she also exudes patience, compassion, and love for her students, their families, and her staff.

“Thank you for all you do. You go above and beyond for our children. Thank you for being so open, kind, caring and accepting. You’re a great boss, teacher and principal.”– a St. Philip parent

“Mrs. Tennis is always there with a kind word and a listening ear for all her students and all the parents (and grandparents)! Our son is so blessed to attend St. Philip! Thank you, and all the teachers and staff and pastor, for all you do-you are all very much appreciated!” – a St. Philip parent

Miss Joseph is that perfect kindergarten teacher who encourages her students in reading, writing, or even…creating restaurants or doctor offices. She is our tech guru and seeks out cool ways to interact with her older social studies students.

“Thank you for being a thoughtful teacher and for taking care of all the kids. You lent our son a book this year even though he’s not in your class because you knew he would like it. He talks about you often.”– a St. Philip parent

Miss Maanum brings her all whether she’s working with her preschoolers, her first and second graders, her older students for art class, or coaching volleyball. Miss Maanum teaches from her heart and uses every opportunity to share her faith with her students.

“Thank you for being a wonderful teacher with a kind heart and an infinite amount of patience for your little friends.” – a St. Philip parent

You’re a great teacher. I love you. I miss you! My favorite thing this year was painting with trains during train week.” – a St. Philip student

Whether students are in-person learning, or learning virtually, St. Philip Lutheran School provides an academic excellent education that allows its students to “Grow, Serve & Share Christ.” Open enrollment for the 2020/2021 school year is now open.





A Letter From Dawn Robinson


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