Thank You Donors for St. John’s Art and Foreign Language Programs!

Thank You Donors for St. John’s Art and Foreign Language Programs!

Dear CLEF donors,

Thank you so much for supporting St. John’s foreign language and art programs.  The salary support for these two academic areas allows St. John’s to continue to offer quality programs that would not exist without your support.

St. John’s offers two different foreign language programs.  The support that CLEF donors provide allows Spanish to be taught to our Kindergarten through fifth grade students.  Seventy-four students are served in this program.  Our Spanish teacher, Mr. Bryant provides a spiraled curriculum.  He uses pictures, songs, and other resources to teach these students.

Beginning with sixth grade, St. John’s students participate in a more intensive language curriculum.  Many of St. John’s students continue with Spanish as they transition to sixth grade.  Others select a language of interest with a focus on what they will be studying in high school.  The basic foreign language skills the students develop through the CLEF supported foreign language program in the elementary grades allow them to easily transition as they continue into the more intensive foreign language program.

St. John’s art program impacts one hundred students from first grade through eighth grade.  Art teacher Andria Green, who attended Concordia University, teaches first through fourth grade art twice a week as part of the regular school day.  Fifth through eighth graders take art as an elective in an after-school club setting which also meets twice a week.  Andria is an accomplished artist who also teaches adult art classes in Oak Park.  Andria taught art at the Maywood Fine Arts Center prior to coming to St. John’s.  This is Andria’s first year at St. John’s and our students are beginning to excel in art as she continues to develop her art curriculum.

I am so thankful for the support of the Chicagoland Lutheran Education Foundation.  Your support positively impacts 143 students at St. John’s Lutheran School.  We could not begin to offer the excellent educational program that we do without your support.  So once again, thank you for all that you do on behalf of St. John’s students, families and staff!


Dan Green, Principal