Holy Family School Principal

Holy Family School Principal Job Description

Position Title: Principal 

Position Summary: 

The principal of Holy Family School (HFS) will provide leadership in all areas of educational ministry; leadership that leads to accreditation of the school. The principal will oversee the school’s day-to-day operations, supervise its staff and implement and administer school-related policies established by the Board of CEOs of Holy Family School. 

Education and Experience Requirements: 

  • – Master’s Degree in administration or curriculum and instruction preferred 
  • – Illinois Type 75 General Administration Certificate or equivalent preferred 
  • – Two years administrative experience preferred 
  • – Classroom teaching experience 

Competencies and Skills: 

  • – Ability to organize and manage, i.e., the ability to establish goals, set priorities, make timely decisions, guide and direct a faculty of teaching professionals 
  • – Ability to motivate individuals of all ages and experiences to achieve her or his highest potential 
  • – Ability to clearly and effectively communicate and work with diverse groups of constituencies (students, staff, parents, donors, etc.) 
  • – Ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner, maintaining high ethical standards at all times and in all situations 
  • – Ability to effectively work as a team member in a faith-based institution 

Position Classification: Full time; Year-Round 

Supervisor: Chief Executive Officer 

Primary Responsibilities: 

A. Teaching Staff Relations

  1. Hire, supervise, evaluate and terminate, at the will of the CEO, all or designated classification of, employees and, if directed, independent contractors retained by the school 
  2. Develop curriculum in consultation with the CEO and faculty and in compliance with the ISBE standards for K-8 Education and for approval by the Board. 
  3. Supervise and monitor teaching staff, ensuring each teacher implements lesson plans that address curriculum goals for the appropriate grade and that the State Standards for K-8 education are integrated into the curriculum at each grade level. 
  4. Develop, in conjunction with the Assistant Principal, the daily schedule of instruction, administering the program to ensure students are sufficiently prepared to do their best on standardized tests and in preparation for the next grade. 
  5. Formally observe each teacher’s classroom performance twice a year at a minimum, using the Danielson Model and preparing written performance evaluations. A meeting with each teacher will be scheduled to discuss the evaluation and her or his performance goals. Informally observe teachers weekly and provide feedback as needed. 
  6. Develop and administer a staff development program, encompassing in-service training sessions for teaching staff at least twice annually and including such topics as curriculum improvement and instructional skills, etc. 
  7. Monitor faculty attendance, initiating, when necessary, the recruitment of substitute teachers or other needed faculty in coordination with the Assistant Principal. 
  8. Conduct and lead bi-monthly staff meetings for discussion of current issues. 

B. Student/Parent Relations

  1. Establish the school calendar for the impending schoolyear by April 30th of each year and coordinate a “first-come first-served” system of registration to begin March 1st in collaboration with the School Recruiter. 
  2. Develop and coordinate with the Director of Early Learning and the School Recruitment programs as needed for kindergarten and identified grade levels for school-wise enrollment. 
  3. Develop and implement, annually, a student assessment plan that may include national-norm-based tests and/or standardized tests, local tests, and/or portfolio assessment. 
  4. In collaboration with the Assistant Principal, monitor the tracking of student attendance, ensuring accurate attendance recording is initiated and records maintained. 
  5. Plan, implement, and coordinate summer-school programming designed to address the academic needs of under-performing or failing students. 
  6. In collaboration with the Assistant Principal, develop and implement an on-going student program which promotes good conduct, good citizenship and civility and emphasizes personal responsibility. 
  7. In collaboration with the Assistant Principal, monitor student conduct daily and throughout the day, developing and implementing a system of student discipline which addresses inappropriate behaviors. Supports preventive programming through PBIS and SEL. 
  8. Coordinate planning of school-sponsored programs, special events, and/or projects such as “all-school” theme programs and fieldtrips, considering faculty and staff input. 
  9. In collaboration with the 8th grade Counselor, coordinate the annual 8th grade trip including planning, overseeing fundraising events to meet the cost of the trip. 
  10. Oversee parent/teacher conferences and sit in on conferences of struggling students as needed. Conduct parent meetings to educate/inform parents on relevant topics. (i.e. Parent University) 

C. Volunteer Relations

  1. Designate a supervisor for each volunteer. Maintain good relationships with volunteers (as they tend to be donors to Holy Family). 
  2. Ensure that background checks are completed for all volunteers. 
  3. Cooperate and assist in all efforts to garner support for HFS, cordially welcoming and hosting volunteers, donors and other school visitors. 

D. Other Relationships/ Direct Reports

  1. Maintain regular and on-going communication with the CEO of Holy Family Ministries (HFM) regarding program development, finances, human resources, payroll and other issues pertaining to the school’s ministry. 
  2. Communicate all matters related to changes in staff personnel, staff attendance, payroll and benefits, and other issues of human resource management to the Controller of HFM. 
  3. Supervise the Head Custodian and meet with him weekly or bi-weekly to ensure the functioning of the facility is optimal. 
  4. Supervise the office team and meet bi-weekly or monthly to ensure the office is functioning optimally. 
  5. Supervise the Assistant Principal and meet as often as needed but not less than once a week to ensure that all duties are completed, and communication is maintained regarding student, parent, and staff issues. 
  6. Attend HFM Board meetings as requested and other identified meetings and events important to the development of the school. 
  7. Input all data necessary for state compliance. 
  8. Maintain Principal Advisory Council and meet quarterly. 


Please prepare your application as one PDF using the same order as below. 

Complete applications should be emailed to HFMapplications@hyasearch.com with HFM PRINCIPAL APPLICATION in the subject line. 

  • – Resume 
  • – Cover Letter 
  • – List of 3-5 References 

Question sheet:
Please answer the following questions in short, succinct answers to the best of your ability: 

  1. What are the accomplishments that you are most proud of in your career? 
  2.  Why do you think that you would be a good candidate for the position of Principal   of Holy Family Ministries School? 
  3. Do you understand that Holy Family Ministries School is a non-profit school with a mission-driven environment and not a public school? Talk about what you think this means. 
  4. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?