St. James Lutheran School

St. James Lutheran School

Lincoln Park, Old Town, Bucktown, Wicker Park, and Chicago’s North Side
2101 N. Fremont St.
Chicago, 60614-4305


About St. James Lutheran School

The mission of St. James Lutheran School is to provide education with a Christian worldview, preparing students for success throughout their life. Students are exposed to a range of academic disciplines that require them to master information, think critically, and develop the skills to creatively express themselves. St. James educates the whole child by incorporating inquiry-based learning, including three school-wide project weeks and a variety of field education experiences. School culture is expressed through four disciplines – academics, faith, character, and health. Through this focus, students successfully develop cognitive, spiritual, social-emotional and physical attributes.

St. James intentionally keeps class sizes small so that students receive individual attention and opportunities for small group work. Teachers are experts at differentiating instruction and proactively planning lessons based upon students’ readiness, interests, and learning profiles.



St. James Lutheran School has full recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education, National Lutheran School Accreditation, and AdvanED accreditation.


Student Body: Coed

Grade Levels: PK 3 & 4, K-8

Extended Schedules

  • Before School
  • After School

Programs and Services

  • KIDS Cub After School Programming
  • Sports
  • Fine Arts

From Our Parents & Students

A Letter From Dawn Robinson


CLEF’s mission is to provide academic excellence to our students in a Christian environment. Today that can mean at-risk remote learning, in place of classroom instruction and safety. How can we help provide our students and their families with a Christian perspective in the face of despair, anger, racism, and destruction?